The Studio

We are committed to bridging the gap between concept and result.

Whatever the project, the energy of our relationships is always the same. Together with our clients, we hum like electricity until the light bulb switches on and we have the solution that changes everything and electrifies the campaign. We believe our positive culture is a real point of difference, and positivity infuses all interactions here at Prodigy+.

Our clients are everything from national brands with multi-channel communication agencies to start-ups that have grown into thriving businesses.

When you come to Prodigy+, you are coming to an artisan studio that will customise a solution to fit your vision, and spark interest within your audience. Furthermore, we are one of the only agencies with a photographer in-house, which ensures your content is controlled and tailored to your unique needs.

At our heart, we are storytellers. Storytellers who execute memorably and cost-effectively, because we’re powered by positive.